BFitForever Pilates

Pilates classes in Alderley Edge, Cheshire

Why Exercise with us?

Whatever your sport, lifestyle or workplace come and keep fitter and stronger and stay injury free with Pilates. Learn good posture while keeping functionally fit in a fun, friendly and rewarding environment.

Joseph Pilates had a number of ailments throughout his youth and into adulthood and therefore developed an exercise programme to help give him a better quality of life. Pilates went on to b
... ecome a champion boxer. His exercises were named after him when he died and worked and we are privileged to use his teachings to improve our lives too.

My Pilates classes are 'hands on' and more importantly small, fun and friendly. No more getting lost in a big class, left to work incorrectly and possibly getting injured from Pilates exercises. Far from it! Pilates is an excellent rehab tool as well as a maintenance tool to keep you fitter and stronger for longer and into later life.

My classes will challenge you but you will be able to choose the level that you work at because Pilates exercises are layered.

For example, a complete beginner can stay at Level 1 of a particular exercise while a more experienced client can work to level 2 or 3 / intermediate or advanced.

Life is for living and keeping fit with Pilates will help you to do just that!

I look forward to welcoming you. Liv x
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Insured By: Graybrook Insurance
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